Becoming Human


Experiencing intimacy is the most important thing in our lives.


Are you feeling stuck in your relationship?


Do you want the connection to your partner to be truly fulfilling?


Do you want to find out where intimacy can take you?

Our culture teaches us absolutely nothing about creating sustainable, deep, sexually vibrant relationships with a partner.

But isn’t that what you want?

It’s time to get the teaching you didn’t get.

Without guidance you will never discover the true magic of what love and intimacy have to offer.


Why? Because your partner is perfectly designed to bring every little bit of your unconsciousness to the surface. We all need help here.

  • Some partners in relationship feel smothered and like they need more space. Others feel the scarcity of connection and long for more.


  • Some folks loop inside endless fights that go nowhere and gradually erode the vitality and enjoyment of connection.


  • Some have lost their attraction and the spark of sex has dimmed or gone out completely.


  • Many find themselves stuck in “Pleasantville” where nothing is acutely wrong but everything seems beige and uninspired and are starting to wonder if another relationship would be better.

In the vacuum of wisdom around intimacy, our culture has created a story that no longer believes in falling in love – we call it “infatuation” and insist it is just a prelude to the “real” relationship, which generally means when things start to break down.

Ouch. How hurt we must all be to give up on love so completely.


But what if you didn’t actually have to leave that place of deep love and devotion and hopefulness?


What if you could find a way to relate that created more and more trust and intimacy rather than simply resigning yourself to the kind of relationship everyone else has?


Welcome to Empowering Intimacy.

  • Thank you Ernest,   Working with you has given us both the opportunity to have the most extraordinary, beautiful, intimate relationship. You have taught us not just incredible communication skills but you have shown us how to use the triggers that normally throw an explosive bomb of charge into a relationship as a way of connecting at a deeper level, and advocating for one another.  Without your brilliance and precision coaching I know never would have had the chance to experience what I have now- the love of my life.   ~ Regena T, "Mama Gena"

Empowering Intimacy is grounded in the tantric wisdom that your relationship is the perfect place for you to evolve into the best version of yourself.


When two people embrace this path the possibilities are breathtaking and beautiful. Here’s how it works:

  • You will move from blame to collaboration: You can get exactly what you want without making your partner wrong.


  • You will move from destructive fighting to creative conflict: You can harness your differences to create incredible turn-on and polarity.


  •  You will move from co-dependence to sovereignty: By serving the love in relationship you become the person you are truly meant to be.

Empowering Intimacy is a path.


It combines ancient wisdom and cutting edge relationship technology to give you the keys back to your experience of connection with your partner.


It is not for everyone! Please take this seriously.


Empowering Intimacy is only for you if:

  • You are willing to own your sh*t: We are all wounded and unless we get clear on our own blindspots we are not going to get the love and relationship we truly desire. Your relationship is an opportunity for you to get more of your Self then you have ever had before.


  • You want to put in the time: Our patterns of relationship are laid down in our childhood and most traumatic experience afterward is connected to our intimate life. This takes time and commitment to shift. The good news is that it absolutely WILL shift when you show up!


  • You understand that love is a risk: There is no version of intimacy without vulnerability. That is what makes it so exciting and so scary. Nobody can change this for you and the direction of true fulfillment is into the unknown rather than away from it.
  • Thank you Ernest, You have guided me to stand in my sovereignty as a king and opened the door for me to be in a relationship with a queen. As you hold us both and teach us the practices of creative collaboration, the opportunity for greater and greater love becomes real.   ~ Peter S.

Every relationship requires outside support to succeed!


We have a cultural taboo that tells us asking for help is an admission of failure when instead it’s the only sane thing a couple can do.

You are here because you want something to be different. You want an experience you are not having. You are not weak or wrong or broken.

Nope, you are tremendously honest and courageous and it is folks like you who will get the relationship experience they most long for.

Something deep within you believes in love and knows that something else is possible.

May you listen to your heart and give yourself the chance to make possible what is impossible right now.


Here’s why Empowering Intimacy works:

  • Ernest has been where you are: No one can guide others from a book. If you want to learn about bread, go to the bakery and let the baker tell you what she has learned from her mistakes. If you want to learn about relationships then talk to someone who has been stuck and got free. Ernest has a lot of scars and offers real wisdom from the trenches.


  • It is way more than therapy: Ernest combines everything that works and uses nothing that doesn’t. Your relationship is too important to get stuck in a theory about human intimacy. Yes, the theories have value but the art is in the application. With Ernest, classical Tantra meets cutting edge neurobiological attachment psychology meets conscious communication. What your relationship needs is entirely unique and with Empowering Intimacy you will get it.


  • It is all about tools you can use: Abstract information is useless and facilitated conversation is only helpful while the conversation is happening. Ernest doesn’t just feed you dinner he teaches you how to fish for yourself with clear and customized tools for your particular situation and relationship.

Ready to experience the excitement and safety of true intimacy?

Reach out and start something new today.


About your guide: Hi, my name is Ernest Morrow. I have been studying and experimenting with human intimacy for 20 years. I am convinced we can only guide others out of places we have been stuck ourselves. For this reason, I wear my relational scars proudly as they, and not all the book learning I have done, have been my greatest teachers. My approach is deeply informed by classical Tantra in which our intimate connections are gateways to our personal evolution. I offer couples the opportunity to relate to one another from the heart and toward freedom as true love demands nothing less.

Empowering Intimacy is a path for couples who want to live real love. Start the journey now.

Please email me – ernest(at)

I look forward to being in touch!


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