Becoming Human


You are looking for something.

We all are.

It is your Self.

Can you imagine what your life might look like if you really received the full weight of your own beauty and gifts?


What would be possible if you knew yourself so intimately that you could not betray your heart?


How would you spend all your free time if you no longer needed to be concerned with proving you were okay and worthy of love?


If you can answer these questions then you know you are ready for something different.

  • Maybe you are ready for real intimacy.


  •  Maybe you are ready to find your purpose.


  •  Maybe you are ready to stop the cycle of depression and anxiety that holds you back.


  •  Maybe you are ready to actually live into what all those books on your bookshelf just talk about.

There is only one true answer. Becoming Human. Becoming your Self.


Ernest works with motivated individuals who know the next step in their life is not something they can do all alone.


These folks want a wise guide who cares as much about their journey as they do.

  • Dear Ernest: Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for holding up a mirror so that I could see myself. I see you too. I see your gift is the means to help others to see their own way forward, and to give them the means to see themselves as they go. I have been richly blessed. Love, Scott

The path of real, honest, lasting, transformation requires three things from the adventurer and the guide.

  • Desire: Both have to want this so much we can taste it. Desire is the beginning of all creativity. It cannot be fabricated. We must each choose and be chosen.


  • Safety: The reason you aren’t already different is 100% for safety. In order to make a permanent change you need to become far more safe to be yourself then you are right now. This is an internal shift that requires external support.


  • Humility: If you think you already know what to do and where to go then you either don’t need help at all or are completely lost. The willingness not to know is what opens us up to something different happening. Otherwise you stay completely inside the knowing that has you stuck.

The most exciting thing about Becoming Human is that it changes absolutely everything … but requires nothing outside of you to change!

You can do it. By the time you ask for support you are already 98% of the way back home. Here’s how it works:

  • Direct Experience: Until you experience something it is not truly real to you. We move you beyond ideas and into living into the questions and experimenting with truth. By working with Ernest you put your time, energy and activity into the journey and life does the rest.


  • Kindness: Nobody is coerced or bullied or threatened or seduced into change; we are only loved into it. Kindness to self and other is imperative to find and live from the heart. Working with Ernest is where you will be invited to receive great kindness and learn to offer it to yourself.


  • Truth: The safety to be honest about why we aren’t already where we want to be is our greatest tool. Self-deception is the reason we are stuck. Working with Ernest will empower you to unravel the lies that limit you and give you the opportunity to embrace your true sovereignty.
  • Ernest, I am eternally grateful that I found you. When we met my life was in turmoil. Working together gave me the strength and confidence to know my Truth and live from a place of my own power. It gave me the tools I needed to let go of the lies I was living. My life today is completely different. I am more myself than I ever have been. Thank you for being my guide. With love, Theresa.

There are 1000’s of paths and traditions out there. This isn’t one of them.

Ernest’s gift is holding space and offering you the tools for you to author your own transformation.

Becoming Human is the way of radical empowerment by way of deep kindness and honesty.

You do not need to leave your life and go to the ashram to do this work. Those who are awakening now are doing so in the midst of families, jobs and relationships.

Welcome to the Ashram of your life!

Wherever you are coming from, no matter how bruised or disillusioned you might be, with the right approach you are mere inches from striking gold.

You absolutely can wake up to a life of fulfillment and joy!

Your life as it is right now is perfectly designed to support you in shifting your consciousness away from what is false and into what is true.

Every bit of it, especially the parts that seem difficult.

This journey into joy changes everything for you and supports all those around you to find their own deep peace. All it takes courage and resolve and kindness and the right person to guide you into what you cannot see yet for yourself.

  • Dear Ernest ~ I am changed by your presence in my life. Thank you for always showing up. Thank you for all the truth. Thank you for tough love. Thank you for asking for and loving the “me” beneath all the layers I thought was me. Thank you for all the choices you made that lead you to do this work in the way you do. Thank you for giving a sh*t, again and again and again. ~ Hannah

Sounds wonderful, but is it a good fit for you?

This kind of intensive inner work is not for everyone. The folks that get the most out of working with Ernest usually have these things in common:

  • You believe in yourself: No matter how hard the road has been there is something in you that knows you are destined to be free.


  • You are truly ready to stop suffering: You are willing to admit that the status quo isn’t working anymore and are honestly ready to seek guidance and learn to put your heart first.


  • You want to take responsibility for your life: You want to author your own freedom rather than search for a silver-bullet. You understand that decades of conditioning must be unraveled with care and patience while more freedom and joy emerge day by day.

If you find yourself in these descriptions Ernest can help you catalyze a shift into a whole new experience of being alive and in relationship.

  • Dear Ernest ~ Now that our work has ended I see even more clearly the quality of holding you gave me. I feel so blessed by this rare and precious experience. I have emerged with a deep Knowing of myself, which sets me free. You have taken me to the edge of this freedom again and again – guided me and walked beside me – so I could claim with each encounter, and at my own rhythm, this Truth that changes everything. Thank you! ~ Patricia


About your guide: My name is Ernest Morrow. I am passionate about human beings coming to experience the rapture of being alive! My gift is to be a catalyst for others to set fire to their old stories and wake up to a brand new experience. I am committed to Becoming Human being practical and life-changing because we mostly deal with ideas. I was stuck here for a long time. Until I got out of my head and into my heart to intimately experience the reality of Who I Am nothing much changed. I have devoted my life to facilitating others in this encounter with Life because it is the best solvent I know for all suffering. Everything changes when we find ourselves. Everything.

If you want to seek, I wish you well.

If you are ready to find please email me – ernest(at)

I look forward to being in touch!


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