Becoming Human
The Way to Intimacy in Relationship
and Integrity with your Self

Take the first step: The five keys to Becoming Human 

If you want to find your heart’s desire and live your fullest life


If you want to experience the intimacy you are designed for


The secret is learning how to harness the power of the life you are already living!

The one thing that will make the biggest difference

The freedom to be intimate with yourself
Learn to live the life that is already living you

The freedom to be intimate with another
You can only share yourself when you have yourself

Most people don’t want this much freedom
So there are very few places to become fully human

This invitation is for you
If nothing but the real You will do 

Are you ready to find a guide…

Dear Ernest ~ Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for holding up a mirror so that I could see myself. I feel your trust and your love so deeply along the way. It’s a privilege to have you as an ally and guide into my own unfolding. ~ Scott

For a journey that will change your life?

Thank you, Ernest, for everything you offered me while we were working together. From our very first interaction you were able to reflect–and help me shift–unconscious habits, beliefs and behaviors that were keeping me in a repeating loop of disappointment and pain. Something about the fiery alchemy between us catalyzed a transformation that had previously seemed totally out of reach. Everything is different on the other side. Thank you! ~ Kelly

A guide who can take you to the edge with great care

Dear Ernest ~ Now that our work has ended I see even more clearly the quality of holding that you gave me. It is a rare and precious experience that I am so blessed to have received. I have emerged with a deep Knowing of myself, which sets me free. You have taken me to the edge of this freedom again and again – guided me and walked beside me – so I could claim with each encounter, and at my own rhythm, this Truth that changes everything. Thank you! ~ Patricia

And is willing to do whatever it takes to support your unfolding.

Dear Ernest ~ I am changed by your presence in my life. Thank you for always showing up. Thank you for all the truth. Thank you for tough love. Thank you for asking for and loving the “me” beneath all the layers I thought was me. Thank you for all the choices you made that lead you to do this work in the way you do. Thank you for giving a sh*t, again and again and again. ~ Hannah

This freedom is your birthright

It is closer than you think

Becoming Human:
The rapture of being alive

It starts right where you are…
     You already have what you need

No rules except what works…
     You are too important to waste time

It isn’t rocket science…
     The Truth is hidden in plain sight

It feels good as you go…
     Getting free feels like getting free

These are the doorways to Becoming Human

Nobody wakes up alone
Do you want something different?
Do you want to experience your own truth?
With all his heart Ernest guides motivated seekers to become finders.
Truth, Sex, Love
Are you called to learn the art of intimacy? Beyond theories and ideas there is direct experience of what works and what doesn't. Ernest works with couples who want more than mediocrity.
The Power of Community
Gathering with others in a shared intention is the most powerful and ancient human technology.
We gather to receive in our bodies what we cannot do with only our awareness.
Together we make the impossible...possible.
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