Where does violence come from?

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Where does violence come from?

Violence is what happens when we take life too seriously; when we allow the external circumstances to determine how we feel about ourselves.

Who would drop bombs or hurtful comments if they did not feel threatened and diminished by something out there?

Who would expend the energy to be violent if they knew they were intrinsically okay and whatever was going on out there wasn’t actually about them?

A peaceful world is possible because it begins with peaceful hearts. And peaceful hearts have one single thing in common: they don’t take the world too seriously.

Peaceful hearts do not believe that the madness of the day out there in newsland really means anything of significance about who they are or how they are.

Peaceful hearts know that the serpent of unconsciousness, the ego, tries to get them to forget that their hope is not in the world out there being a certain way. Suffering happens when we forget this and then we transmit that suffering all around us.

So experiment with not taking the world out there so seriously. It’s all okay even if things are falling apart.The drama of life does not have any say in your goodness and how lovable you are.

And, for goodness sake, don’t think that your spiritual evolution has anything to do with crazy things happening to you and around you. (Ask Jesus about that one…)

Let’s start a revolution of not-taking-it-all-so-damn-seriously and see if that makes a difference. Put a flower in your gun. I bet it will change things for the better.

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