Why I don’t mind crying…

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A Tear On My Cheek

Do you have a memory that you turn over and over and over in your mind wondering what might have happened if you could go back and do it differently?

Do you ponder what might have happened if you could have listened to the tug of your heart rather than the pride or the hurt?

Me too.

And you know what? I have come to appreciate these little cuts that just won’t stop bleeding. Because they are the biggest things that keep me from going to sleep again.

Psychologists studying behavioral change discovered that nobody transforms their lives before they wake up to the cost of what they’re doing right now. It just doesn’t happen.

That is my experience too.

So I bleed … and I let myself bleed.

I let myself feel the sweet pain of remorse and regret and allow it to sing to me about the fact that I have woken up from that sleep and have the opportunity to be free now. Maybe one day those wounds will heal but, for now, I hold them with great gratitude and love.

And because I know this pain I find that deep prayers for other’s suffering come so quickly and naturally. My heart is filled with compassion. It is an easier way to live.

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