Love is Unconditional But Relationship is Not

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I am convinced that at the level of essence we are all lovable and worthy. Absolutely. 100%. We do not need to earn anything from Life. We are loved whether we figure it out or not.

But you know what? Human relationship is not unconditional. That is a paradox that I see often gets lost in a lot of healing and consciousness work. It’s not enough to simply accept that we are lovable. We need to act as if that is true. How? By showing up for others.

In my experience, we all have to earn the right to feel good about ourselves in relationship and that comes with showing up for ourselves and others with commitment, integrity, reciprocity and accountability.

I believe this is where our empowerment comes from. Because it matters and we have the capacity to express the lovable essence we are in a way that creates intimacy and connection OR we have the capacity to stay stuck in our shadows and painful misconceptions.

Let’s claim our sovereignty and live ourselves into feeling good about who we are.


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