From Discipline to Devotion

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soul-belovedThe spiritual path is about falling in love.

We all know the lengths we go for love. In my own life alone I can think of many instances – driving 1000 miles to surprise my beloved on a special day…stay up all night tending to a sick child…investing hours and hours in the perfect hand-made gift. Were these practices? Yes. Disciplines? Yes. But more than that they were devotions.

In my mentoring work, I teach often about the importance of showing up for our True Self as we know we can show up for an external beloved. Everything shifts when we choose to be present to our own sacred Heart, that pearl beyond price It is the same kind of devotional energy as falling in love. We yearn to know the Beloved, we long to be in communion with the Beloved, we want all separation to cease. This erotic energy is the pith of our spiritual path.

And what do we fall in love with? Truth. And the object of our devotion is very important because where we end up is a product of how we get there. As we dance through life we must inquire of our own devotion- Do we love in such a way that we want to know the Truth rather than a story? Do we want to know the Beloved all the way through rather than just on the surface? If we truly want to know this essence, it will reveal Itself to us. But it does not and will not impose itself. It must be called forth by love, by showing up, by our devotion and our presence.

So what if we loosen our grip on ‘practices’ and ‘disciplines’ and all those words that pretend there are means to and end? Rather, fall in love with your own heart. Pursue intimacy with truth with all your will, all your resolve, all your courage, all your creativity. Find people who can guide you into deeper and deeper devotion and truth. The Beloved will answer the door…and everything changes.


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