Work With Me

Come, come, whoever you are.
Wonderer, worshipper, lover of leaving.
It doesn’t matter.
Ours is not a caravan of despair.
Come, even if you have broken your vow
A thousand times.
Come, yet again, come, come.


0-01-11-showerofnectarAre you ready for your life to be different?

Is it time for you to trade in your old map for a new one that will take you somewhere completely new?

Somewhere where you can exclaim: “I LOVE being alive” and really, really mean it.

My guess is that somewhere deep down you know you are here to experience the rapture of being alive! But maybe, like so many of us, you are struggling to find that deep current of goodness and joy these days.

If this sounds like you, I bet you feel certain you have been called to live into the vast abundant gift of your life and all it holds in this moment! But perhaps right now it feels like there is something holding you back and you just can’t seem to touch the fullness you hear calling your name.

In my experience, you probably long to experience the joy and satisfaction of expressing yourself fully in your gifts to the world and in your relationships! Yet, like all of us who want this same thing, life sometimes seems to be working against you rather than for you.

Where you are called to be is where your deep joy meets the world’s great need
~ F. Buechner~

Perhaps you have done enough searching to know what you are up against: These things are often some combination of emotional wounds, past trauma, relationship challenges, and spiritual stuckness.

Or it could be that everything is “just fine.” There is nothing you can point to that is really “wrong” but you have a deepening sense that you are called to awaken to a deeper level of truth and love in your life. There is more.

And yet, whatever you are up against, like so many people I meet, the last thing you need is one more book, one more inspirational talk, one more dose of abstract advice. You know deep in your bones that you want something far more personal than general wisdom.

I suspect that your heart knows that to get you to where you want to go it needs a relationship rather than a transaction. You want to find someone, a guide, who can actually walk with you all the way to your heart’s greatest desire and deepest knowing.

The Great Mystery said, “I have set before you Life and Death…Now choose Life.”
~  Deuteronomy ~

I’m guessing you are looking for guidance and direction from a mentor who actually cares about you and can look you in the eyes and has invested in knowing you in all your particularity AND has the experience and insight and ability to help you navigate the deepest challenges you are facing.

And, because you are a person of deep integrity, you want a guide who isn’t pushing any program or religion or path or therapeutic modality. No gimmicks or shortcuts or snake oil. You are looking for someone who knows that the path of Truth is a path of devotion rather than a silver bullet.

And, because you are committed to your empowerment, you want your own experiments with truth to be central. You want a mentor who can help you know you – your Self and your own way. You are looking for a guide who advocates and holds space for you to directly experience all you need to know for yourself.

My name is Ernest Morrow and it is my passion and purpose to help individuals directly experience the truth of who they are and open to the vastness of life and love.

As you read through this page, I want to let you know that although I love working one on one with couples and individuals I can only handle a very few at a time due to the depth of the work. Having said this, if you are a perfect fit and I have an opening, I would love to support you.

So how do we discern a fit? Well, here are some good starting points.

I help men, women and couples overcome the pain of living unfulfilling or incongruent lives and who want to step into their truest selves and live with joy. The folks I work best with care deeply about the world and who want to heal themselves from the pain that constricts their freedom to love and be loved so that they can be a positive presence in their families and communities. Ultimately, I help folks on their journey to feeling fully alive with integrity, joy and fulfillment as they step into their purpose in life.

I understand how exhausting and discouraging it can be to know there is more and not know how to get there. I also know that wherever you are, with the right approach, you are mere inches from striking gold.

Here’s my core conviction born from my own experience and as a guide of many over the years: You absolutely can wake up to a life of fulfillment and joy! Your life as it is right now is perfectly designed to support you in shifting your consciousness away from what is false and into what is true. Every bit of it, especially the parts that seem difficult. This journey into joy changes everything for you and supports all those around you to find their own deep peace. It takes courage and resolve and great compassion for yourself.

Here are the foundational principles I work with to help my clients:

Presence. When you live in truth you know that the present moment is where life happens, where love is experienced and where we are truly free to navigate from our hearts. I guide you to stabilize your awareness in the present moment and no longer identify with the compulsive thinking of the mind. From here, the intelligence of all Life flows through you and carries you into the flow with ease and beauty.

Healing of the subconscious. On the journey to peace, I guide you to heal the conditioning of childhood and generational wounds that give rise to the false belief that you need to be different to be loved. We use the power of the subconscious mind where your most fearful emotions and beliefs are held. Experiencing true worthiness becomes a direct, embodied experience that penetrates every cell of your body.

Living life from the inside out. I guide you to cultivate the skill and wisdom to claim your own sovereignty and cease the exhausting quest to manipulate and manage the external world of money, work, relationships, and health in order to experience peace and joy. When you learn this new orientation, true abundance is your natural state of being and you fully engage life and relationships with an overflowing heart.

You do not need to leave your life and go to the ashram to do this work. Those who are awakening now are doing so in the midst of families, jobs and relationships.

Welcome to the ashram of your life!

Dear Ernest,

When I began my journey I had no idea what to expect. It is hard to fathom that so many habits, thought patterns, worries, fears, and beliefs that were stopping me from living my fullest life have now been removed or transformed to benefit me.  What I realize most is that I am different now when engaging life. I am able to stay in a higher vibration much more easily and respond to life differently, from a higher perspective … and I experience how blessed I am! Thank you! I know I will continue to use the practices and tools I learned in our work for the rest of my life. I am proud of myself too. I know I was able to experience these wonderful results by committing myself fully to the process. In order to achieve something different, I had to do something different. Thank you for your mastery and your care in helping me shift so much, so quickly.

Martha, Life Coach and mother

Sounds wonderful, but is it a good fit for you? This kind of intensive inner work is not for everyone. The folks that get the most out of working with me usually have these things in common:

  • You have a spiritual orientation. Whatever the language or tradition, you have a sense that there is a greater source of Life and Love that operates in the world and in your life. You are motivated to deepen your relationship with this creative energy and have it be a central part of your life.
  • You are deeply motivated to stop suffering. The clients that transform the most are those who are convinced that the way they have been approaching life or relationship so far is not working anymore and are honestly ready to seek guidance. You are ready to experiment with willingness and curiosity and you are going to invest the time and energy it takes to makes your true self just as important as anything else in your life.
  • You want to be responsible for your own life. In an age where marketers bombard us with promises of silver-bullets that will fix all our problems with no effort in no time, you know that this is always untrue. Instead, you want the joy and satisfaction of being guided to give birth to yourself and learn the tools to heal your relationships. You understand that decades of conditioning must be unraveled with care and patience while more freedom and joy emerge day by day.

If you find yourself in these descriptions then I can help you catalyze a shift into a whole new experience of being alive and in relationship. I have served hundreds of individuals and couples on this journey and have been blessed to witness the miracle of new birth into joy and fulfillment over and over again.

A Father & Son CroppedA bit about me…My name is Ernest Morrow. I am passionate about the ways in which human beings contact their own truth and beauty on an experiential, every-cell-of-your-body way. I am committed to the spiritual path being practical and life-changing because in our culture we mostly deal with ideas. I was stuck here for a long time. Some of the ideas are good, even amazing, and most of them not so much. Until I directly experienced the reality of Who I Am nothing much changed. I have devoted my life to understanding how to facilitate this encounter with Truth because it is the best solvent I know for all suffering. Everything changes when we find ourselves. Everything.

I am a real human being with bills and relationships and children and live in this crazy world of form where nothing stays together for very long before beginning to fall apart. I love the Earth and spend as much time outdoors as I can. I love singing and dancing and making meals and am always sniffing out places where people come together in real ways to share life. I love my family and am constantly in awe of the mysteries of my partner and my children. More laughter is always my medicine and I teach what I most need to remember for myself. I don’t teach anything that I have not experimented with and found powerfully transformative in my own life. I love working and playing and loving other real human beings.

If you are still reading at this point and you would like to have a conversation about working together, please fill out this application. I look forward to being in touch!