Hello and welcome!

Headshot TofinoI am living, breathing proof that the joy of being a human being is not about resolving the drama of living in space and time.

I have devoted myself (unwittingly at first) to learning how to stabilize awakened awareness in a world where everything changes and nothing we are conditioned to do to achieve happiness actually works.

I am passionate about the ways in which human beings contact their own truth and beauty on an experiential, every-cell-of-your-body way, because that is what I have most needed to learn for myself. I have emerged out of the smoke and ashes of life in this world – generational family dysfunction, deep loss, broken dreams – as a teacher and guide for those brave souls who have chosen to wake up in the midst of it all. The medicine I offer is that which I have brewed in the cauldron of my own direct experience.

I will not sugar-coat the cost of saying ‘yes’ to our deepest experience of life but I am convinced there is no other way to live.

I am committed to the spiritual path being practical and life-changing because in our culture we mostly deal with ideas. I was stuck here for a long time. Some of the ideas are good, some truly beautiful, and most of them are lies that keep us in bondage to the false self. Until I directly experienced the reality of Who I Am, no matter how much I understood with my mind, nothing much changed. I have devoted my life to understanding how to facilitate this encounter with Truth because it is the best solvent I know for all suffering. Everything changes when we find ourselves. Everything.

I have lived many lives in one and undergone many initiations… and some of them even willingly! Much of my learning as it applies to my work has come through and time spent training and studying with teachers and healers in many traditions and modalities. Charles Berner’s Enlightenment Intensive, men’s work, Zen Buddhism, Kashmiri Shaivism, and the indigenous spiritualities of North and South America have all been deeply supportive and helpful in rounding out my origins in tantric Christianity.

My greatest teachers are my children. Their brave decision to allow me to be their father has catalyzed more healing and awakening than I ever could have imagined. I dedicate my life, my work, my song, to them, my ancestors and all beings. Today is a good day to live and to die!